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Gluten-free hand-held meals and snacks that don’t compromise on nutrition and taste.

Mikey’s®, a line of gluten-free frozen foods, exists because Mike Tierney refused to accept that eating food free of gluten and other leading allergens automatically meant sacrificing enjoyment.

A classically trained chef with a passion for solving problems, Mike went to work in his mom’s kitchen and created a delicious English muffin made from seven ingredients he found in her pantry. It didn’t contain any gluten, dairy, soy, grains, eggs, artificial flavors, or preservatives—just dense nutrition and lots of flavor.

In need of support and infrastructure to take his budding brand to the next level, Mike found Factory. With access to all our assets and senior staff, and in partnership with our product development pros, an array of new products was soon flowing from our test kitchen into freezers around the country.

Today, Mikey’s® offers eight different hand-held pockets, including the first completely plant-based pocket, a collaboration with Beyond Meat®and Just Egg®. By meeting the needs of the growing number of consumers who need to avoid gluten, dairy or soy, or choose to eat healthier, Mikey’s® is on a roll. Exciting news just announced for Mikey’s® – they have now also merged with Cali’Flour Foods.