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Complete Hydration™️ with vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants—and refreshingly great taste.

Like many entrepreneurs, Roly Nesi got his start in his mom’s garage. His goal was to create a great-tasting sports drink that was also a lifestyle brand for active people. After an exhausting year distributing bottles from the back of a van, Roly decided to pivot from a sports drink to a premium functional beverage. RoarTM became ROAR® Organic.

With Facebook’s NY office as its first account, ROAR® Organic quickly gained national distribution. Then Roly came face-to-face with another harsh reality – in the beverage business, competing with the likes of Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Keurig Dr Pepper is an expensive undertaking. To win, an upstart drink needs true differentiation, a compelling consumer proposition, and the funds both to create and keep up with demand.

That’s what led Roly to Factory. We immediately deployed capital to initiate a comprehensive brand refresh. All our capabilities came into play: strategic planning, new product development, consumer insights, sales, operations, digital marketing, package engineering and design, supply chain, and finance. We recruited a superb team of beverage pros, contracted a new co-manufacturer, and, just six months after closing, introduced a new positioning, product, and package to rave reviews from trade and consumers. Within 60 days ROAR® Organic was firing on all cylinders, with the best yet to come.