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Governor Tom Wolf toured our innovation center today, highlighting the importance of investing in start-ups in Pennsylvania. Factory partner Keith Caldwell spoke with Gov. Wolf and showed him our facility before the governor took some time to meet with leaders from each of our brand partners.

“Companies like Factory play a critical role in bolstering Pennsylvania’s workforce and economy,” said Gov. Wolf. “Their unique approach to supporting start-up companies serves as a model to investors and helps set new businesses up for long-term success. It also demonstrates the importance of investing in our commonwealth’s businesses and workers in a meaningful and robust way – something my administration has been committed to since I took office.”

Lehigh Valley Reps. Mike Schlossberg, Jeanne McNeill, and Steve Samuelson also toured Factory with Gov. Wolf.

“When we decided to build Factory, we looked at a lot of cities across the country, searching for the perfect location. We found it in Bethlehem,” said Rich Thompson, Factory’s founder and managing partner. “This is a great environment with everything we were looking for: a thriving business community, lots of experienced professionals, top-tier universities who provide us with talented interns, and state and local leaders who were excited to support us. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our roots here in the Lehigh Valley and to bringing more innovative start-ups and jobs to PA.”