Our Team


Managing Partner
Rich Thompson
Partner & Head of Strategy
Tim Pollak
Keith Caldwell
Food Taster
Pot Roast (aka Potsy)

Business Development

Vice President, Investments
Leland Carter


Director of Office Operations
Donna Sledzik-Pereira

Brand Marketing

Erin Lifeso, Operating Partner
Operating Partner – Marketing
Erin Lifeso
Josh Krauss, Director of Digital Marketing
Director of Digital Marketing
Joshua Krauss
Brand Manager
Kyle Harder
Ben O'Brien, Shopper Marketing Manager
Senior Shopper Marketing Manager
Ben O'Brien
Visual Content Manager
Eric Deutsch
A/V Content Developer
Tim Mattson
Nicole Horsfield, photographer
Nicole Horsfield
Marketing Content Manager
Rebecca Straus
Social Media Manager
Taylor Treadwell
Social Media Specialist
Megan Mess

Retail Sales

Head of Sales
Brian Sorenson


Kyle Martin, Head of E-Commerce
Head of eCommerce
Kyle Martin

Product Development, Sourcing & QA/Food Safety

Head of Product Development & Sourcing
Pat McCarthy
VP of Product Development
Linsey Herman
Director of Quality Assurance
Analee Johnson
Dylan Small, Product Development Associate
Product Development Associate
Dylan Small

Packaging Engineering

Jim Garvey, Head of Packaging Engineering
Head of Packaging Engineering
Jim Garvey

Graphic Design

Art Director
John Stetz
Graphic Designer
Jane Henderson
Graphic Designer
Liz Mogollan
Creative Project Coordinator
Cory Treadway

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights Manager
Catherine Kelly

Finance & Accounting

Head of Finance
Marla Hyndman
Director of Accounting
Andréa Thompson

Supply Chain & Logistics

John Worthy, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics
Head of Supply Chain & Logistics
John Worthy
Mike Chordas, Director of Logistics
Director of Supply Chain & Logistics
Mike Chordas
Chad Metzger, Director of Forecasting and Demand Planning
Director of Forecasting & Demand Planning
Chad Metzger
Yadira Berrios, Procurement Operations Specialist
Procurement Operations Specialist
Yadira Berrios
Tyler Gehris, Logistics Specialist
Logistics Specialist
Tyler Gehris

Human Resources & Information Technology

Head of Human Resources
Maria Amenta
Head of Information Technology
Kevin Pursell


Operations And Events Specialist
Kristi Wright
Head Chef
Christopher Mikovich
Maintenance Specialist
Eric Bell
Factory Care Associate
Heather Sutton