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As part of its effort to give back during the current Covid-19 pandemic, Factory and its brand partners, Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks, Honey Stinger, Stuffed Puffs and Mikey’s, have teamed up to provide 1 million meals to those in need through Meals Up and Feeding America.

Meals Up was launched by Wheels Up, the New York-based private aviation provider, of which Factory managing partner Richard Thompson is a member.

“Wheels Up wanted to enlist 10 partners to each donate $100,000 in cash or kind to Feeding America, with the goal of providing a total of 10 million meals to people in need during the pandemic. When I heard what they were doing, I asked Factory’s brand partners if they would together collectively contribute $100,000 to furnish 1 million meals. They all jumped at the chance to help,” Thompson said.

“One-hundred percent of the funds donated to Meals Up goes toward providing meals, thanks to the generosity of Wheels Up,” Thompson continued. Along with making a monetary contribution, Factory’s brand partners also donated food products to Feeding America.

“When Rich asked if Stuffed Puffs and Mikey’s would make a donation to Meals Up, I didn’t hesitate,” said Mike Tierney, founder of both Mikey’s and Stuffed Puffs. “Feeding America is a fantastic organization, and I’m grateful that we were in a position to support them during this trying time.”

Jeff Martin, co-founder of Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks, added, “Giving back is central to Pipcorn’s ethos. We were happy to be asked and even happier to contribute.”

Mike Keown, CEO of Honey Stinger, echoed his colleagues, saying, “On behalf of everyone at Honey Stinger, I want to thank Rich for bringing this opportunity to us, as well as Kenny Dichter and his team at Wheels Up for taking the initiative to partner with Feeding America in this great cause.”

Feeding America is the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S., with a network of food banks across the country. Each year, Feeding America donates 4 billion meals to Americans in need at a cost of ten cents per meal. In response to Covid-19, the organization is distributing emergency food boxes and holding drive-through and outdoor food bank pickups to maximize social distancing. Additionally, the food banks are working with school districts to provide meals for students who typically rely on schools for breakfast and lunch during the school week.

To make a donation to Feeding America, visit their website here.