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Stuffed PuffsTM Filled Marshmallows are flying off the shelves and we can’t keep up with the demand! That’s why Stuffed Puffs, with an investment from Factory, is building a new 150,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Hanover Township, near Bethlehem, PA.

Today we formally announced the project with a ribbon cutting ceremony—aka s’mores party—at the facility. Music sensation Marshmello, who is an equity partner in Stuffed Puffs, made an appearance, along with a Secretary Dennis Davin from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and Don Cunningham, president and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation.

“I’ve been developing Stuffed Puffs for seven years, and along the way realized that we were going to need to build our own manufacturing facility if this product was ever going to come to life,” said Michael Tierney, founder and CEO of Stuffed Puffs. “Every candy manufacturer I tried to court said it was impossible. So I figured out how to do it myself, and partnered with Factory to make it happen. Now Stuffed Puffs is in every Walmart across the country and we’re opening our second plant so we can expand even further.”

The new Stuffed Puffs plant, a $30 million-plus investment, will open in 2020 and make it possible for Stuffed Puffs to reach more customers and introduce new products and flavors.

The manufacturing process is proprietary and requires highly customized equipment that is unique in the world of candy-making.

“The success of a startup hinges on having a great entrepreneur. Mike blew us away the first time we met with him, and the success of Stuffed Puffs during its first six months has exceeded all our expectations,” said Rich Thompson, managing partner at Factory. “We’re looking forward to what we can do with more production in place in 2020.”

Stuffed Puffs debuted at Walmart in the spring of this year to rave reviews. The business is expected to grow ten-fold in 2020, Thompson added. With the new facility, Stuffed Puffs will be in a strong position to keep up with demand and introduce new products.